Specification inside the Room, Bathroom & Kitchen

You have already been informed about Prestige Park Grove’s facilities and explored the residential and surrounding area. But, now we will look at the specifications inside the rooms, like bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and floors. Only amenities of Whitefield apartment are not enough before selection. We need keen inside the home which is dreaming for.

Finishing Specification of Rooms

We have found that there is no compromise in lifestyle, health, and another requirement inside and outside the dwelling. We get little information on how the project finished inside the rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and floors. Here is the specification description provided.

Bedroom specialties

The Prestige Park Grove made this apparent complex ultra-premium by well finishing with quality material and design. In these rooms, vitrified tiles are used. The interior has been painted with branded OPD paints, while textured waterproof paints are used on the exterior.

Bathroom finishing and its used material

The bathrooms are finished stylishly and wonderfully by the demand of the current age. The vitrified tiles are used on the wall, and anti-skid ceramic tiles are used on floors. These tiles are also used in other places like Halls, living rooms, hallways, staircases, kitchens, and dining rooms. Vitrified tiles have very low porosity, which is very useful, and people wanted them so far in the current days.

Kitchen Specification

  • In this project, the Prestige Group did high-level kitchen design and execution. It is the most sensitive area of a home, so the design and used material ensure a safe place, and this is the point that attracts buying home aspirants.
  • The floor is decorated with anti-skid tiles. The specialty of the tile is an anty-slippery surface.
  • The wall is finished with Ceramic tile up to 2 feet above of polished counter. These tiles are made of mixed natural things and are easy to clean and maintain, giving an excellent finish to the wall.

Entrance door

Creativity and a well-looking door are in the home apartment. It’s imposing and a combination of many things.

  • The door is fixed with a wooden flush shutter.
  • The locks are built stainless.
  •  The door is waterproof and soundproof.
  • Interior frames are flush laminated.

Relatively other things like windows and ventilators are decked with aluminum glazed panels.

Used Electrical materials information

the most severe part of any building is the electric supply and the materials used for it. In this section, the Prestige Group did the job very well. And the rooms are well decorated for the electrodes machines we use daily. The specification of this Prestige Park Grove on electronics is below.

  • Electrical cabling of PVC-insulated copper wiring.
  • Modular switch in every electric board.
  • Light, fan, AC point, TV, Connection point, split AC Inverter, and slots are made in the design, which is very calculative and decorative.

FAQ Related to Specification

Some frequently asked question on the specification of the Prestige Groups project in Whitefield is provided below.
How important of anti-skid tiles in Bathrooms?
Anti-skid tiles are tiles whose surface is not slippery like others.
Which kind of electric wire is used in Prestige’s project?
Electrical cabling of PVC-insulated copper wiring used for best-lasting and safety.
Which kind of color is used inside the rooms?
This Whitefield project uses OPD paints and some waterproof colors for long-lasting business and easy maintenance.
Can I get more specifications personally?
Of course, you can get your desired pieces of information related to specifications and other information and documentation by filling up the consult assistant form.
How is the importance given to electrical machine slots?
Not only good quality, but the project also made a master plan on decoration inside the rooms using machine-like TV, AC, power inverter, etc.

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